Your happy space at Univers T would not be complete without relaxation and active rest! Hotel Univers T has an excellent location in Cluj-Napoca, in a green and beautiful area on the shore of Lake Gheorgheni, creating a comforting contrast with the urban agglomeration. In addition to restaurants, outdoor terraces and conference rooms, you will find plenty of leisure options such as tennis courts, fitness and sauna.


Univers T is the only hotel in Cluj-Napoca which owns five tennis courts in open air, available for guests, but also for all those who love the white sport. The perfectly maintained outdoor tennis courts offer the option of practicing your favorite sport for an extra cost, in a perfect natural environment, right on the shore of the lake, next to the hotel. Guests can book game hours in advance and subscriptions are available at the hotel front desk.


For those who regularly practice sports, trips can spoil the workout routine. Fortunately, at Univers T you will find a fully equipped fitness room for you to keep the same training regime you are used to. The fitness center is exclusively dedicated to our hotel guests, who can use it for free at any time.


The sauna is an excellent and healthy way to unwind after a full day or a good fitness training. Our guests can benefit of a relaxing sauna, which is located on the ground floor. It is built entirely of wood with fully heated walls, floor and ceiling. Stress doesn’t belong in your happy space – Univers T!