Conferince Center

Welcome to Univers T Conference Center, a complex dedicated to congresses, events and business meetings!

The proximity to major business centers such as Iulius Business Center, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, United Business Tower creates an area of interest for business stays, conferences, corporate events. Univers T represents, through proximity and professionalism, the natural choice for such business meetings in Cluj-Napoca.

Univers T Conference Center consists of an amphitheater impressive through space and design, with a capacity of 290 seats and 4 halls with a capacity of up to 70 seats, which can host various corporate events, congresses, symposiums, trainings, workshops and private events.

The stylish décor, advanced technology facilities and the amenities we can provide, along with our professional staff and the culinary excellency which define us meet all the requirements, even for the most demanding events and elite conferences. The success of your company is more complete with every successful event, organized here, at Univers T Conference Center!

Amphitheatre Terra

290 people
The new design of the Amphitheater is based on a modern, elegant design concept. The facilities are connected with the latest technologies and innovations, so that the spectators can live a unique experience, in a prestigious location.

MAX price 4.000 lei

Jupiter Hall

70 people
The Jupiter Hall is a modern space with a lot of natural light and it is suitable for a business event for up to 70 people. According to the organizer's needs, the hall arrangement can be modified in various forms.

MAX price 1.050 lei

Neptun Hall

40 people
Neptun Hall is a classic space dedicated to events with up to 40 people, equally comfortable at maximum capacity, as well as for an arrangement of 10 people.

MAX price 700 lei

Saturn Hall

40 people
Saturn Hall is the perfect choice for a seminar or a more formal meeting, with a maximum capacity of 40 people. Upon request, there are various options for arranging the room.

MAX price 700 lei

Uranus Hall

40 people
Uranus Hall has large windows for plenty of light and natural ventilation, an ideal option for a group event of up to 40 people, an exam or a workshop.

MAX price 700 lei